Friday, July 2, 2010

Brilliant Opportunities for FLEX Alumni

Dear counselors,

There is a brilliant opportunity for you to become a student at one of the most extraordinary universities in the world - New York University Abu Dhabi. Click here to learn about applying!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Quotation of Day 21

This quotation is a kind of guidance for summer reading!


After the tasty lunch and the afternoon snack everybody was busy clearing the classrooms and the staff room.
Our mighty counselors - Tseren and Igor - had to carry heavy things downstairs at school and then again upstairs back at university!

Closing Ceremony: Grannies

Our most devoted Granny Tatiana is a guest at each event! She has always brought tasty presents to all campers!

Today there has also come Lera M.'s Granny!

Closing Ceremony: Officials

Two directors - Director of the Summer Camp Alexander and Director of the Access School Vasili Ivanovich - greeted the campers and thanked them for their progress.
Coordinator Bossia introduced each team.

Closing Ceremony: Counselors

Our counselors were dancing and the audience was following with admiration and cheers.

Closing Ceremony: South

Cotton Kids showed two videos and one sketch "Let's Get Married".

One video used the stylistics of the famous "Star Wars" and introduced the epic power of the White Team. The campers saw one day of the Summer Camp life in the second video.

The sketch demonstrated various talents of their campers.

One of the touching moments: Happy Birthday, Erdem K.!