Monday, June 28, 2010

First Mr and Miss Narn Sun

Never before there has been such an event: choosing Mr and Miss Summer Camp!

Each team did a great job. The contestants were supported by their teams. Everybody took part in the competition that could be compared to the concert.

During the first round the contestants danced, recited, sang. They are so talented!

The second round turned out rather difficult: the would-to-be Mr or Miss Camp was to mime the quotation of the day and the Mr or Miss was to guess.

The third prize went to Dayana and Ayuka from the "Red Team".
The second prize went to Ayush and lera from "Cotton Kids" "White Team'.
The winners are the contestants from the Honey Bees "Yellow Team". They are Lyuba and Vitaliy!


  1. This is my poem that I wrote whn I was 12.

    Элиста - степная жемчужина

    Посреди бескрайних степей,
    Между трех песчаных холмов
    Появился красивый город -
    Город гордых степных орлов.

    Рядом с Каспием поселились
    и пошло испокон веков:
    Элиста - степная жемчужина -
    Для народов различных кров.
    Пусть она и мала размером,
    Но на долгие сотни веков
    "Элиста, моя милая родина!"
    Не забуду я этих слов.

  2. That very poem was recited at the contest! It might be the first online publication of this piece of poetry!

  3. One important issue is that they are wearing such beautiful clothes!!!!!!!

  4. I find such kind of event amazing and exciting. It develops team skills.

  5. To my mind they fit each other.It is a beautiful couple.